March 3-5, 2017
San Juan, Puerto Rico

CoinAGENDA Caribbean
Bitcoin & Digital Currency Investors Conference
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The First Conference
for Bitcoin Investors


The best speakers in the digital currency industry! Check out the full list here.


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The First Conference for Bitcoin Investors

In the past year, there have been an avalanche of new conferences seeking to bring the Bitcoin community together. Typically, the focus has been some combination of merchant adoption, technology, tools and startup company presentations. Interspersed have been panels on regulation of exchanges, libertarian philosophy, futuristic predictions, and generally at most one panel per show on Bitcoin investing (and usually about investing in Bitcoin companies).

Moreover, most of the conferences have had a familiar early-stage look and feel to them, with small tabletops, crammed ballrooms stacked with small display tables and rapid-fire panels with half a dozen panelists apiece. This may have been a good indoctrination for someone with a deep technical background to immerse in the industry, but it was far from adequate for the legions of accredited investors (of which there are more than 8 million in the US alone) looking to invest in this fast-growing, but widely misunderstood sector.

Unlike some tradeshows where may feel like an afterthought, here you’re the center of attention. The four tiers of educational content (informative, action-oriented workshops, not theoretical debates) are all aimed at putting the attendee in the framework of making an investment in cryptocurrency with some sense of urgency. And each sponsor has their own standalone presentation as part of the program, plus ample social opportunities to really get to know the investors.

Please explore the opportunities for sponsorship and contact us at your earliest convenience. We fully expect to sell out all sponsorship at least a month prior to the event.

Vires in Numeris,

Michael Terpin Founder, CoinAgenda

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