Abhishek Pitti

Founder & Chairman Nucleus Vision

A Harvard MBA graduate, Abhishek Pitt (Abhi) has always nurtured an entrepreneurial spirit that has taken him many untread and innovative paths in the course of his working life. Before Harvard, Abhishek put his aerospace engineering skills to work at Gulfstream Aerospace as a product head for Gulfstream Business Jets in the USA for 6 years. He also worked as an investment analyst at reputed Blackstone Private Equity. However, his restlessness to put path-breaking ideas into meaningful real-world solutions led him to start Nucleus Vision - a company built on a revolutionary idea of decentralizing telecommunication networks and in the process creating valuable dark offline retail walk-in data. As the Founder and CEO of Nucleus Vision in its nascent stage, Abhishek steered the company towards tech innovations in building a gateway solution in the offline retail marketplace. His dream of creating one of the world’s largest decentralized private telecommunication networks to drive enhanced customer experience saw fruition during this period. Currently, as Chairman of NV2.0, Abhishek continues to spearhead the company in its second phase of success, while adding to the existing team and competencies. NV 2.0 is on the threshold of launching its product - the ION device - which will drive the private communication networks of the future with the company’s proprietary token NCash at its core. With his zeal for the new and equipped with sound business acumen, Abhishek Pitti leads Nucleus Vision from the front as it aligns itself for the next stage of growth.

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