Akeem Ojuko

Co-Founder Script Network

Akeem Ojuko is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Script Network, He has built two 7-8 figure businesses, and has amassed over over ten years of experience within content, commerce, and crypto/blockchain technology. Beyond business enterprise, Akeem is a TEDx head organiser in the heart of London, having ran multiple events across the city to drive and inspire change in local communities. At Script Network, he looks after product, growth and partnerships, with an overall mission to change the shape of how Film and TV is viewed and distributed worldwide. Script Network is watch-to-earn gamified live tv platform, built to reward users whilst they watch through the power of NFTs. Script Network also providesImage.jpeg multiple video web3 products and redefine advertisement for the crypto industry. Script Network is built on Script Blockchain, a video optimised chain with 3 dApps already built, including a video first NFT marketplace for empowering content creators and fractionalising videos to their followers.

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