Alberto Baco

Co-Founder/Managing Director RE Capital

Alberto Bacó Bagué is an ambassador, business developer, board member and investor. Bacó Bagué thrives as ambassador of Puerto Rico’s way of life, promoting and educating about type- A products, services and capital investment opportunities; successfully creating long term relationships in which he constantly adds value. From Puerto Rico to the world and from the world to Puerto Rico. Alberto has stated, “I am a catalyst of activity that contributes to a future Puerto Rico as an international, more diverse, entrepreneurial and top tourist destination. My passion is making things grow and thrive, be it a plant, Puerto Rico’s economy or your own business”. He encourages his clients and colleagues to be socially conscious impact investors with a proactive vision of prosperity and modernization for Puerto Rico. Previous to his new projects and challenges, Bacó Bagué devoted of his career to the private sector and public service. Experienced in a well-rounded and successful career as CEO.