Alex Lightman

Chairman Coinfield

30 years of deploying new and novel hardware, software, communications, and Internet products, platforms, and protocols. Pioneer in wearables (wearable computing) in the 1990s, sparking global publicity via over 700 television appearances and 300 additional articles that has paved the way for public interest in the wearable devices of The Quantified Self wave of innovation. Author of the first book on 4G (Brave New Unwired World, John Wiley, 2002). Producer of 108 wearable computer fashions shows held in six US states and 25 nations. Co-inventor of multiple patents for wearable computing and related communications Recipient, on behalf of my contribution to the innovation of 4G wireless, of the first Economist magazine Reader's Award, Oct. 21, 2010 (after panel of judges and readers in 200 countries voted on "the innovation most likely to radically change the world over the next decade, 2010-2020"​. Successfully proposed US government mandate for IPv6 and federal requirement of inclusion of IPv6 in all federal IT procurement, including testimony before US Congress, May 2005, that was directly responsible for the unprecedented mandate that all federal agencies become "IPv6-capable"​. Provided the first two IPv6 transition plans for NATO, and one of the first two IPv6 transition plans for the US Dept. of Defense, via DISA. Author of first book on the costs and benefits of ending the 50 year US embargo of Cuba (Reconciliation, 2010). Since graduating from MIT in '83 I have worked in high technology product development, customer support, sales, marketing, management, leadership, writing, forecasting. Specialties: Innovation, national policy to accelerate innovation, defense analysis, IPv6 business, 4G wireless broadband, visualization, augmented reality, wearable computers, mobile computing, US government Internet initiatives, mandate, Dept. of Homeland Security IPv6 mandate.

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