Angel Versetti

Founder Moon Rabbit

Angel Versetti is a Monaco-based serial investopreneur (investor + entrepreneur), a former United Nations diplomat and transdisciplinary academic researcher. As entrepreneur Angel has launched and exited several groundbreaking startups with up to $1.2b valuation (Founder Moon Rabbit, Founder Dogecoin Foundation (, CEO Ambrosus, CEO SecuChip, CEO ChipLess, CEO Smart Security Systems, Dragon Whale of Dogecoin, Founder of Versetti&Co Hedge Fund). As investor he has managed to obtain up to 77'000% RoI. As investopreneur, via his Global Family Office Conglomerate Versetti & Co he is engaged in deep-tech, life extension and astrophysics. His dream is to merge molecular, hardware and digital constructs to enable humanity to live forever and build new worlds on other planets, under the benign techno-meritocratic governance model. Angel is on the Forbes 30 under 30 list in Finance, a laureate entrepreneur and leader with over 100+ honours in Monaco, UK, France, Italy, Switzerland and USA, having received honours from His Holiness Pope Francis, Prince Albert Grimaldi II of Monaco and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and personal encouragement wishes from Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. A keynote speaker at Vatican Youth Summit at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, WRF Davos, Paris COP21 Summit, SIOI Rome GA Session, ASEM Youth Summit Milano, UNESCO HQ Summit, Monaco Investment Conference, VivaTech event at the Ministry of Economy of France, Technology Working Group event at the Houses of Parliament of the United Kingdom.

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