Bill Barhydt
CEO and Founder
William (Bill) Barhydt (born in NYC) is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Abra, provider of the world’s first global crypto banking app. Abra empowers consumers to buy, sell, hold, trade, and earn interest all-in-one simple, secure, and trusted app. Abra’s vision is an open, global financial system that is easily accessible to everyone. Bill started his career working for the U.S. Government, first at the CIA in the Office of Scientific and Weapons Research and later at NASA. He spent several years bringing next-generation computer graphics and visualization techniques into use at NASA and the CIA. Deciding to embrace his interest in financial markets, Barhydt joined Goldman Sachs’ fixed income research team building portfolio and trading systems and strategies. After working for the CIA, NASA, and Goldman Sachs, Barhydt decided to join Netscape working on telecom and Internet banking infrastructure for the early commercial Internet. After the AOL acquisition of Netscape Barhydt founded WebSentric. Bill has since been a Director or adviser to numerous funds and start-ups. As a recognized expert in Internet and Mobile technologies Barhydt has presented at The World Economic Forum, The US State Department, The Mobile World Congress, TED, and many Internet and mobile technology conferences. Bill has been a pioneer in Internet and media technologies for over 25 years. Bill has been a pioneer in Internet and media technologies for over 25 years. He has worked at CIA, NASA, Goldman Sachs, and Netscape. In addition to his role at Abra, he is an advisor to numerous funds and startups.