Brian Bourgerie

Co-Host Uncommon EntrePReneurs

Driven by growth, innovation, efficiency, and empowering others. Whether it's working with a startup, running a non-profit, consulting with innovators, or teaching important skills, I find joy in being active and working with others to bring about positive change. Solving problems and helping others realize their goals whether they be personal or career oriented are great passions of mine. I have started and been a part of a number of companies/organizations with varying degrees of success (including failures), and consulted for dozens more. Learning from failures and difficult situations teach more than any class or seminar could ever hope to. Disrupting the status quo is where I naturally gravitate. Working in the crowdfunding and blockchain industries I have the unique opportunity to not only help businesses new and old succeed through innovation, but am exposed to many ideas and opportunities that can fuel growth and impact. Decentralized technologies are already beginning to shape the next era of our lives and incorporating more democratized human involvement should be an exciting prospect for all of us.

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