Carl Runefelt

Entrepreneur | Philanthropist | Crypto Expert TheMoonGroup

Carl Runefelt, also known as "The Moon" on social media, has built a portfolio of wealth through Bitcoin and Crypto assets. Formerly a cashier in Sweden, Carl Runefelt's bullish approach to Bitcoin has generated him millions of dollars and over 4M followers across social media. Runefelt is the founder of TheMoon Group, a collection of Crypto Companies ranging from peer to peer payments, gaming and crypto launch platforms.

Carl Runefelt’s media presence has garnered him over 1M followers on Twitter and commands the largest crypto analysis channel on YouTube with 550K+ subscribers from around the world and transcribes in nearly a dozen languages. Carl Runefelt has positioned himself as a leading authority in crypto. Regularly featured in Fox Business, Forbes and Business Insider, Carl Runefelt talks about the importance of Bitcoin and why he is bullish on crypto and how it will change how people buy, sell and transact everyday.

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