Chris McCoy

Co-creator STORE Cloud

Lifemap 1/ Grows up in a small town in SW Washington with a single mom and two brothers 2/ Starts first business at age 6 (selling hand picked plums) 3/ Trades for a Jackie Robinson rookie card (it helped pay for college) at 10 4/ Learns to program "Print" on the Apple IIe in gifted learning program DEEP at 11 5/ Discovers that 4th cousin won two Nobel Peace Prizes at 12 (Linus Pauling) 6/ Moves in with Grandpa at 15 7/ Elected a Washington DECA state officer at 16 8/ Throws 90 mph, becomes a national baseball recruit at 17 9/ Elected Washington DECA State President at 18 10/ Lifelong neck injury shows up in baseball; fastball drops from 92+ mph to 80 11/ Signs to play baseball with the University of Washington (alongside older brother) 12/ Wins National DECA Presidency at 18 13/ Takes a gap year to serve as National President; moves to Seattle at 19 14/ Enrolls in UW and red shirts on the baseball team at 19 15/ Retires from Pac-12 baseball to pursue entrepreneurship at 19 16/ Starts a business teaching the science of throwing a baseball at 20 17/ Publishes a book and DVD; builds it into a $100k/year business from dorm room at 20 18/ Co-founds I Love Baseball, a non-profit that promotes education to young baseball players in the Dominican Republic at 21 19/ Sells e-commerce and baseball training business to start a social network for the history of sports at 22 20/ Moves the business to Silicon Valley to better understand data networks at 26 21/ Experiments with programming Bitcoin as the in-app, API-based payments solution in a social network at 29 22/ Files for a crypto-based wallet patent at 31 23/ Starts Data4America, a nonpartisan nonprofit exploring the intersection of policy with data at 32 24/ Recognized by Marc Andreessen as one of "55 Unknown Rockstars in Tech" at 32 25/ Builds up the sports social network to 4mm data networks across 40mm points of verified data and then hands over the keys to a new CEO at 32 26/ Starts Footprint, a chat system for two-tier business systems like franchises and chains at 33 27/ Married at 33 28/ Realizes that zero-fee, micro-based payments could transform communications for HQ2Bs. That research leads to the creation of STORE ($STORE), a zero-fee public blockchain at 34. 29/ Begins designing a decentralized democracy of checks and balances at 34 30/ Begins designing BlockFin, a two-tier BFT consensus algorithm that decentralizes edge computing; files a patent for it at 35 31/ Twin daughters are born at 35 32/ Begins designing datacoins (tokenized data) at 36 33/ Begins designing tokenized compute at 37.

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