Chris Wade

Director of Engineering and Head of Corporate Deve unFederalReserve

Chris Wade currently serves as Director of Engineering and Head of Corporate Development at unFederalReserve, to help develop banking products designed for smaller U.S. Treasury-chartered banks and non-bank lenders in need of a DeFi strategy and greater liquidity without sacrificing security or compliance. A seasoned technologist with a 20-year history, he has successfully blended several business processes with technology to provide "working smarter" solutions. His background includes work in a variety of sectors that span finance, automotive, healthcare, education, warehouse management and government. In 2001, he helped develop the 1st Intranet for the largest bank in Indiana, and starting in 2005 was part of a team that developed a POS, accounting, inventory, and warehouse management system for the retail automotive industry overseeing a rollout and training for over 3000 stores across Mexico, US and Canada. He was selected Civilian of the Qtr by NRD (Navy Recruiting District) for his development of a DEPper (Delayed Entry Program) database that collected information on all military members joining the Navy which was implemented across all districts as well as a standard for NRD Intranets. In 2015, he was selected by Sage Technologies to represent North America as an industry leader for SAGE CRM solutions-based custom work he provided while at maxIT Healthcare, which helped lead to their acquisition by Leidos for $483mm in 2013. Most recently before coming to unFederalReserve, he served as Program Manager for the State of Indiana overseeing a $283mm COVID grant for system modernization of the state's healthcare system. Chris’ lightbulb moment of what blockchain technology could provide happened after taking the first blockchain applications class at MIT in 2017. He spends his free time serving as the Head Ambassador of North America for the Polkadot and Kusama (Web3 Foundation) communities.

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