Christina Cartagena

CEO & Founder Architechtura | Miami Crypto Experience

Christina Cartagena is the Founder and CEO of Architechtura, a blockchain development and marketing company that specializes in getting clients outstanding ROIs. Cartagena is also the founder and CEO of BizBits, which aims to be the first blockchain powered fundraising platform. Aside from Architechtura and BizBits, Cartagena is the Co-Founder and COO of Miami Crypto Experience, one of the top 5 NFT events according to Forbes. In early 2022, Miami Crypto Experience partnered with Michael Terpin’s company, Layer 1 Events, to jointly produce Blockchain 2022. The event was a great success, and the two will be working together once more for Blockchain 2023 next year. Further, Cartagena holds an Interdisciplinary Studies degree from Florida International University and serves on an advisory board within their business school. She is also an advisor for many blockchain projects, and travels often for speaking appearances around the world.

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