Cyprien Grau

Co-Founder BEEM

I lead the product and crypto development at Beem, the Web3 video toolbox for creators, communities and brands with token-gated content & interactive live events. We're building the ultimate blockchain-based video infrastructure for creators and their communities. A tokenized toolbox for creators to craft new video content and live experiences with their communities, monetize their work transparently and make the jump into the Open Metaverse while maintaining control over their intellectual property. A product architect and tech entrepreneur, I previously cofounded Decidata, a video analytics and adtech platform. After raising 2M USD to develop its video recognition technology, Decidata is now working with the biggest brands and largest broadcasters in Latin America. With Decidata, I was named one of the 30 Promises of Forbes and won the Entrepreneur Award Mexico in 2018. Decidata has been profitable since 2019. In 2019, I helped launch Piepacker (YC S20), a social gaming company that raised 15M USD so far. In 2014, while working as a commodity derivatives trader at a Canadian bank, I fell into the crypto rabbit hole. I started by collaborating on governance protocol design with Democracy.Earth, then on token engineering with early-stage crypto projects and communities, and recently I've been advising the Canadian government on how to decentralize media production financing. I hold a strong conviction that in the future, organizations and their interactions will be entirely tokenized (I even wrote a paper about it: I hold a Bachelor in Finance and Operations Research from HEC Montréal (Canada) and a Masters degree in Quantitative Economics and Finance from École Polytechnique and HEC Paris (France).

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