Ed Prado

CEO & Co-founder Rair Technologies

"Mr. Prado has over 30 years of experience within the financial services/brokerage and FinTech industry including expertise in Web 3.0, distributed ledger technologies and crypto trading. He is currently CEO and Co-founder of RAIR Tech a blockchain-based, distributed digital rights management platform that enables streaming NFTs. In 2018 he co-founded, Novena, a consulting and advisory specializing in building a future of economic revitalization across the domains of energy, agriculture, real estate, healthcare, education, media, logistics and finance utilizing distributed ledger technologies. Previously he created the world’s first online bond trading platform while starting two investment banks (broker dealers) which were active in the trading and underwriting of securities with volumes in the billions. With a deep understanding of start-ups, a demonstrated track record of leading others and a passion for solving massive needs in large addressable markets he sees decentralized (blockchain) technologies as an exciting frontier, capable of transforming everything. Prado's early experience as a bond trader on both the buy and sell side has provided insight and guidance as to markets and systems. He has been a noted speaker at several international and domestic industry conferences on the topic of electronic trading systems, blockchain infrastructure, custody and digital assets."

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