Erik LaPaglia

Co-Founder Miami NFT Week

Erik is a voracious entrepreneur and co-founder of Miami NFT, a digital asset firm facilitating large-scale conferences and knowledge sharing for creators in NFT, Metaverse, Blockchain and web3 spaces. He is an early member of JPEG Morgan NFT group and has supported numerous web3 and NFT projects as an angel investor and advisor. A renowned speaker on subjects related to NFTs, Web 3 and Metaverse, Erik presents at national and global events such as Paris Blockchain Summit, iConnections, NFT.NYC, Superverse Dubai, NFT LA, NFT Atlanta or NBA All-Star Weekend. He is also a contributor to a documentary series “Crypto Revealed”. Prior to his immersion in Web 3, Erik has founded numerous successful companies in business consulting, advertising, real estate and film production. He has lent his expertise to businesses ranging from small-sized to Fortune500 in various industries and has brought his creative solutions to the forefront. He has an uncanny ability to take on distressed organizations or projects and transform them into healthy and thriving businesses. He has also served on over a dozen of the Boards and excels in helping companies maximize profitability and market potential. An award-winning marketing and sales veteran, Erik is effective at persuading and influencing high-ranking individuals and key decision makers. His opinions and business judgement are highly valued, trusted and respected.

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