Hervé Larren

CEO Airvey.io

Hervé Larren is Founder and CEO of Airvey.io an enterprise that builds, supports and advises companies throughout the crypto world. Sitting at the epicenter of tokenization and Metaverse, Mr. Larren helps organizations transition to Web 3.0 and capture this USD 1 trillion a year opportunity. A bitcoin and blockchain adopter since 2013, Mr. Larren became one of the first crypto miners in the US before listing his coins in US public vehicles. He currently advises over a dozen projects including: layer 1 protocols, Web 3 developers, gaming companies and Metaverse builders. He is also the owner of Airvey Gallery and was one of the few collectors approved by Christie’s for the $69 million Beeple auction. Mr Larren has been profiled in publications such as Forbes, Bloomberg Magazine, American Express Spotlight Series, The Huffington Post as well as TV appearances on Bloomberg, KTLA and E! News. Mr. Larren is a renowned figure on the international speaker circuit having spoken at over 30 co

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