Jacques Voorhees

Founder & CEO Icecap

Jacques Voorhees is a serial entrepreneur in the field of online diamond marketing. He created the first business-to-business trading platform for diamonds (www.polygon.net) over a decade before the invention of the Web, and which today facilitates millions of dollars a day in diamond transactions. After Polygon was acquired by Mediagrif Technologies, Jacques founded Verichannel, a company that builds diamond trading platforms for private groups, such as Forevermark (De Beers). In 2020 he began development of Icecap, a company that tokenizes diamonds using NFT technology, and sells them to investors for asset diversification. The company went fully operational in 2021 and hopes to reach $1b in revenues in seven years. Erik Voorhees, of ShapeShift, is Jacques’ son, and is an investor in the company.)