Jason E Barkeloo

Founder & CEO Knowbella Tech

Jason E. Barkeloo has over thirty-four years of experience as an entrepreneur, patented inventor, researcher, equity and cryptocurrency investor, and educator. Jason U.S. Army career included assignments in Air Defense, Airborne, and Medical Service Corps. At the end of his US Army career with a final assignment as the lab operations officer of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) Medical Detachment at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Jason was selected for the prestigious Department of Defense "Troops to Teachers" program. In that role, Jason spent 5-years as an economically challenged student population high school science teacher. He received national recognition and awards for innovations in science education including the Sam's Club/Walmart Teacher of the Year. He was also a founder of a virtual high school focused on prescriptively delivering physical and life science content to students.

After teaching, Jason became an entrepreneur and launched a number of startups. Jason's first company, TouchSmart Publishing, was an educational content company providing science content to special needs students. His second company, Somatic Digital, created the touch user interface (TUI) human-computer interface technology and had relationships with NASA, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Freescale Semiconductor, and the National Federation of the Blind. His third company, Pilus Energy, was a synthetic biology company. It was purchased by a publicly traded company in 2014. One of Jason's current efforts is Open Therapeutics, LLC; an open science and open access company that provides free tools, services and orphan therapeutic intellectual properties (IP) to the global scientific community, particularly underserved scientists in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The blockchain-enabled collaboration platform is Therapoid.net, which is currently in alpha testing.

His second effort is Knowbella Tech, LLC and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Knowbella Helix, Inc.; another blockchain-based open science effort that provides free tools, services, and IP to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) students and researchers around the world. Knowbella will provide AnthroTokens ("cryptocurrency") using the Ethereum blockchain to researchers who collaborate within the Knowbella Platform. He is also launching a U.S. SEC compliant Security Token Offering (STO). Knowbella Helix filed a Reg A and received only 57 questions back from the SEC. With the mission accomplished of the application being published to the SEC website, Knowbella is pivoting to the Reg S and Reg D 506c for the STO. In a world's first return-on-investment (ROI) breakthrough model, Knowbella is selling equity with matching Helix security tokens that have a merger/acquisition payout to investors. Jason speaks internationally on the advantages of open science, open access publishing, and STOs. He has patents in synthetic biology, identity security, digital rights management and he has patents pending in blockchain-enabled technologies. He holds an Bachelor's degree in Anthropology from The Ohio State University and a Master's degree in education with certifications in biological sciences and social studies from Antioch University. He dropped out of a PhD program to launch his first startup.

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