Jeff Crane

Founder & CEO NFT the Movie

Originally from Southern California, Jeff Crane now lives in Utah, and has for the 30-years entrepreneurial life. He has founded over a dozen businesses in the brick & mortar space, Internet, Blockchain, and now in the NFT space, is a partner in multiple enterprises including; NFTinstruct, Meta Book Company, etc., and Chairs his own NFT/META-Advisory Board. Mr. Crane's desire in life is nurturing long-term relationships that benefit all parties involved. To impact 100-people dramatically throughout his life, is Jeff's life's vision. One of Mr. Crane's most diverse experiences as of late was when Jeff was the Director of Utah, for Brock Pierce and Karla Ballard (Independent U.S. Presidential and Vice-Presidential running mates), in the United States, 2020 Presidential Election. This experience showed Jeff nothing is impossible if you are prepared. As Executive Producer and Co-Director of the full-length Documentary NFT the Movie, Jeff's main focus is building a community-centric brand and executing the company's mission; “To create an NFT movie masterpiece, that documents inspiring stories of technologists, artists, musicians, and filmmakers, on their journey to create, monetize, and protect their work through NFT technology.” Mr. Crane has 3-children, served a service Mission for 2-years in Brazil, Speaks Fluent English and Portuguese, and his motto for 2021 is; “These are the days.”

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