Joyce Chow

Film Director MonteBubbles

Nearly a decade ago, Joyce Chow had a life changing experience when she severely fractured her neck and back in addition to damaging her right knee and left ankle. Before the injury she had been preparing for career in International Business after studying at the University of Copenhagen. She paid the bills by working as a model and as an actress in small roles and was looking to be an international business woman. A driver rear ended her repeatedly ending her dreams of an international business career. While she was in recovery she was asked if she would participate in a Hurricane Katrina event, which rekindled her interest in the entertainment industry. Since her recovery she has done over 1000 news shows, 52 cooking specials 400+ travel shows and over 500+ entertainment headlines of the day newscasts. Going to back to her roots as an actress, she now has 6 projects in post-production and 3 more projects in pre-production. In the last 2 years, she has helped to co-create a type of art cinema called The Slide which will be at Cannes 2014.

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