Kyle Chasse

Founder & CEO Master Ventures

Kyle Chasse, a cryptocurrency industry veteran and technology entrepreneur, has founded, advised and invested in numerous early stage blockchain projects since his initial investment in Bitcoin in 2012. During 2013, Kyle founded World Super Lotto (WSL), the world’s first global lottery based on Bitcoin. In 2014, Kyle went all-in on Bitcoin and later in Ethereum before transitioning into a full-time role as COO of Credits, a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) company. In 2016, Kyle co-founded The Review Agency, a SaaS for business reputation management. In 2017, Kyle’s net-worth exponentially increased as his assets in Bitcoin and Ethereum scaled beyond expectations. Kyle began lucratively analysing and investing in infrastructure and protocol projects from Kraken, Coinbase, UBANX, Bitfinex, Bitfinance, RNDR, and several others, holding impressive amounts of equity and tokens as he was deemed “smart money” for his capital and skill set in tokenomics, product development, and business development. Kyle spent much of 2018 traveling the world attending and speaking at crypto conferences like TokenomX, Belgrade Venture Forum and several others ; looking for disruptive projects to invest in while simultaneously building out a vast network that includes the most forward thinking blockchain thought leaders from around the world. Towards the end of 2018, Kyle founded Master Ventures (MV) - a blockchain advisory & think tank based in Koh Phangan. MV combines the skills of over 6 executives, each with a master skill set and have all held C-Level executive positions at various startups, hedge funds, VC, and more. Master Ventures currently advises Tier 1 projects like, UBANX, and

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