Lucía Gallardo

Founder Emerge

Lucía Gallardo is an award-winning Honduran serial entrepreneur that bridges emerging technologies with strategy and international development. She is the Founder of Emerge, a socio-technology solutions development lab offering Impact-as-a-Service™. Emerge works with global commercial enterprises, governments, public institutions, organizations, and communities to solve complex problems and drive impact-centric digital innovation at scale. She also co-founded Dona un Libro, an educational foundation taking on taboo issues such as undocumented immigration across Central America in youth-friendly ways. She joined the advisory boards of Yunity, Penta, and Metis to help drive their impact technology strategies. Lucía also co-chairs the International Expansion & Innovation Councils at Women Entrepreneurs Global, a full-stack startup innovation studio for female founders. In her spare time, Lucía sits on a few boards for an array of meaningful issues to her such as the Board of Directors of Rainforest Partnership and the Caribbean Blockchain Alliance, as well as on the advisory boards of several early stage ventures founded by women, immigrants, and other undersupported groups. Currently, Lucía is experimenting with Decentralized Autonomous Companies (DACs), impactful NFTs, and autonomous IoT-based data collection. Lucía is an MIT Innovator under 35 and her work in digital identification has been nominated for several awards, including the Global SDG Awards. To reach Lucía, please email her at [email protected].

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