Luke Stokes

Managing Director FIO Protocol

As of 2022, Luke Stokes is a unique human experience individuated through preferences and memory, expressing itself through various roles and labels such as the Managing Director for the Foundation for Interwallet Operability, the co-founder and lead developer of FoxyCart for ten years, the elected validator since May 2017 on the DPoS chains Steem, Hive, and EOS, the elected custodian member of eosDAC, and a husband, father, and technology community enthusiast passionate about creating a world we all want to live in. Luke has owned cryptocurrency since January 2013 and wants to see blockchain technology used as global, non-violent consensus helping humanity move towards more voluntary interactions. Always excited to discuss philosophy and the nature of reality, Luke works to bring about tools for freedom where he lives in Puerto Rico along with his wife and three kids.

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