Mahesh Sashital
Head of Technology
Mahesh Sashital is Head of Technology at EDGE196. He is alos the founder & president of the Houston Blockchain Alliance as well as cofounder of, an online news company catering exclusively to the blockchain and cryptocurrency community. Having jumped full-time into the blockchain space in 2016, Mahesh and his business partners started Smartereum in 2017 when they saw the gap in coverage of blockchain in the mainstream news media. The Houston Blockchain Alliance is a non-profit with a goal of increasing blockchain adoption in Houston. After earning his MBA at the University of Texas-Austin, Mahesh left his relatively cushy job at J.P.Morgan to pursue entrepreneurship. With over 100,000 users worldwide getting their blockchain news from Smartereum each month, and over 100 members at the HBA, he is finding this experience very rewarding! Mahesh is a software engineer by background, having worked at Fortune 500 companies such as Ford and Chrysler, in addition to J.P.Morgan