Mate Tokay

Founder MetaNews

Mate is an entrepreneur at heart. He graduated from the International Business School in Budapest. After college, he helped to launch a food supplement company Superior14. Mate’s first exposure to bitcoin was in late 2012 and started to do bitcoin mining in mid-2013 with custom-built ASIC miners. In 2013 he founded a cryptocurrency media company called was a cryptocurrency focused news site and at its peak had 1.5 million unique visitors per month. After a successful exit in 2015, Mate Co-Founded At, he spearheaded the launch of the company’s wallet app and exchange integration. After holding various C-suite roles at the company, Mate assumed the role of CEO in 2019 navigating the company through a transition during which he led a restructuring that delivered a multi-million $ operating income increase for the company. Mate’s leadership style is to define a broad vision and strategy and rally an organization behind those. He also stays on top of industry trends and is passionate about driving cryptocurrency and web3 adoption. He is also a regular speaker at crypto and web3 conferences

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