Megan Kaspar

Managing Director and co-founder Magnetic

Megan Kaspar is co-founder and Managing Director of Magnetic, a privately held crypto asset and blockchain investment and incubation firm. Since 2012, Ms. Kaspar has been funding leading blockchain entities in the sector. Her investment results on behalf of family offices, separately managed accounts and her firm’s proprietary investment capital have been extraordinary. Megan has consulted on blockchain strategies with top Fortune 500 companies, top political figures from both sides of the aisle including recently House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. She has also spoken at dozens of the top blockchain conferences around the world.

In 2017, Magnetic incubated WAX, a purpose built blockchain for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which is on the global forefront of digital and virtual commerce. By early 2020, the company launched a partnership with Topps, a key aspect to the value proposition in the recently announced Topps de-SPAC transaction. WAX was the first to turn physical collectible cards into digital NFT cards, selling and trading millions on the blockchain during 2020. Ms. Kaspar’s cutting-edge work over the past year in the digital transformation of physical collectibles and toys will significantly reduce the negative environmental impact of production, manufacturing and distribution of physical consumer products – in a similar way that digital music reduced plastic cassettes and DVDs. Over the past year, Ms. Kaspar has led considerable digital asset investments in leading NFT platforms – Flow (NBA TopShot), Rarible and Binance - each generating well over 5x return multiples for Magnetic. Megan is widely recognized as one of the few female pioneers in the blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFT sectors and stands out from the crowd because not only of her incredible investment results, but because of the creativity she has repeatedly brought to portfolio and incubated companies that have been trendsetters in the space.

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