Paul McCulloch-Otero

Managing Partner NYC CyberLaw Group, PLLC

Paul McCulloch-Otero is a New York licensed attorney, information systems architect, & executive, advising Clients in the fields of "FinTech & Money Movement", "Privacy & Data Governance", "Corporate Technology & Product", "Blockchain & DeFi", Cybersecurity, and Emerging Technologies. Paul is also an advisor to numerous global regulatory bodies, assisting in navigating the translation between technologies and the regulations that govern those technologies. Paul also serves as an Advisor to Chrysalis Advisory Services, assisting with general IT audits & certifications (e.g. ISO 27001, SOC2, PCI-DSS), as well as assisting Clients and decentralized networks in developing and deploying Web3 Audit Tools, Smart Contract controls, and Technical Audit Standards (e.g. Node Validator Security Guidelines, ESG Scoring, etc...).

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