Ram Ramni

CEO & Co-Founder Router Protocol

Ramani ‘Ram’ Ramachandran is the CEO & Co-Founder of Router Protocol, one of the most robust and pioneering cross-chain protocols in the blockchain sector, whose mission is to build a chain-agnostic web3 ecosystem. Router Protocol has been one of the first enterprises to solve the interoperability problem with an elegant solution relying on low TVL, delivering high capital efficiency, speed and low standard deviation while epitomising the gold standard in security. Ram, an alumnus of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has been a serial entrepreneur in the Fintech and digital assets space for the better part of a decade. He built and ran Asia’s earliest crypto fund returning 4x; built Fordex, the world’s first stable coin DEX and Qume, an institutional-grade crypto exchange. He also launched Asia’s first crypto-index token. An early advocate of the interoperability space, Ram is regularly featured in the media sharing his expertise on how cross-chain technology will drive the next wave of blockchain and Web3 adoption:

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