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CryptoEQ is a research & education platform for the crypto industry. Our mission is to simplify the crypto market for the normal person. We offer real market data – our tools include real-time market summary, momentum signals, and the trading dashboard. Our trading signals have a win rate of up to 85%. Our signals can generate returns of 2x to 10x relative to a buy and hold strategy. All of our research at CryptoEQ is curated & crafted for humans by humans. Our team reviews hundreds of different factors, metrics, and parameters. We support research with integrity. We abide by strict principles and ethics to provide honest information & actively seek to identify scams, low quality, and nefarious projects. We also offer personal 1-to-1 engagements, our consulting packages are curated presentations for user’s needs. Our objective is to provide trusted information and analysis for quickly evolving blockchain technologies and make navigating cryptocurrency less intimidating for investors.

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