Richard Titus

President Transform Group

Named one of the Wired 100 in 2010, senior executive & serial entrepreneur Richard D. Titus (“Titus”) has a passion for technology & innovation. Over the past two decades, he served in senior leadership roles at the British Broadcasting Corporation (Future Media Controller) where he launched iPlayer and the BBC mobile service and subsequently served as CEO of Associated Northcliffe Digital the digital holding company of DMGT (Daily Mail). Until February 2017, Richard led customer product experience, globally, for Samsung Electronics in Korea. Titus is also known for his work in media, has produced a portfolio of television shows and feature films in his career including the documentary, Who Killed the Electric Car? and many festival and Emmy award winners. Richard’s startup background includes Schematic, Razorfish (LA), Videoplaza, all exits. Titus then turned to professional investing initially via AngelList, Andronik Ventures and extended into ARK FUND. Titus has a passion for technology & innovation and currently serves as a mentor at the Creative Destruction Lab in Canada. Titus splits his time between Michael Terpin’s Transform Group where he serves as President and early stage investment - focused on Artificial Intelligence, Security, Robotics, Blockchain, and other high growth transformative technologies. Titus currently resides in San Francisco with his lover and three children.

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