Russell Korus

Chief Digital Assets Officer Asvoria

Russell Korus is a futurist and visionary. He has been a blockchain evangelist since first discovering this ground-breaking technology 9 years ago. He is also a leading innovator and is deeply immersed in the amazing world of AI. Russell operates at the intersection of Blockchain, AI, and Web3. Russell’s vision is to help facilitate the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. A TEDx alumnus and having spoken around the world, Russell is a globally recognized thought leader. Graduating from Queen’s University with a degree in philosophy in 1994, Russell began his career in the financial services and insurance industries. However, he noted the rapidly growing influence of technology in the late 90’s and switched careers to begin building e-commerce platforms. After 10 years of development work, he moved into full time investment, searching out emerging markets and emerging technologies. This led him to discover Bitcoin in 2014, and from there he never looked back.

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