Ryan Condron

CEO Titan

Ryan Condron, CEO and Co-Founder of Titan. Titan is a leading developer of software and services for advancing Bitcoin mining at scale. Ryan is an OG, he was introduced to the crypto space in late 2012 and quickly got plugged into the mining community. Some of his early contributions include helping to launch the profitability calculator site Coinwarz.com in early 2013. He went on to launch several other high profile projects in the space throughout 2013 and 2014 including a hardware comparison site, a cloud mining service, and a customize-able profit switching platform with 80 different alt-coin mining pools. In 2017 he joined the company Bloq as a principal engineer and in late 2018 co-founded a new mining software startup inside Bloq Labs called Titan Industries. He has been a software engineer for over 15 years and was a CTO at multiple software startups, and ran his own software company for over 5 years. In our discussion we cover the evolution of the mining space, Titan, Coinwarz

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