Sean Walsh

CEO; Founder Hyperblock; Redwood City Ventures

Mr. Walsh is the CEO of HyperBlock Technologies Corp, which is one of the largest crypto-asset companies in North America ( and went public on the Canadian Securities Exchange in mid-2018. Mr. Walsh is also the founder of Redwood City Ventures, an investment firm targeting: cryptocurrencies, agricultural technology, progressive health care, and other alternative investments. HyperBlock is a leading publicly traded crypto-asset enterprise. The Company operates one of North America's most efficient cryptocurrency datacenters and provides complementary product offerings, which include cryptocurrency mining, Mining-as-a-Service (MAAS), server hosting and server hardware sales, depending on market conditions. In 2015, Mr. Walsh left an award-winning $1.5+ Billion private equity firm to pursue Bitcoin full-time. Mr. Walsh’s career focus has been online product strategy, customer acquisition, social networks, and monetary systems.