Tess Robinson

Co-Founder / General Partner Slay Ventures

Tess is an innovator, speaker and industry leader with over 15 years of professional experience most recently in startup and venture but also spanning sales, marketing and healthcare. As a General Partner for Slay Ventures, she takes a hands-on approach to providing portfolio companies with more than just capital. She is also an advisor to startups seeking assistance as they navigate the course of growth initiatives, deploying strategic go-to-market plans, scaling and optimization of user/customer acquisition to increase revenue. Tess has a passion for AI and blockchain technology. She is a key participant in how these technologies will shape the future of humanity. She connects and collaborates with other professionals/brands and has developed a network of industry-leading action takers and venture capitalists. She is in pursuit of visionaries who are building the intersection of blockchain and AI technology, and has spoken at significant events such as Art Basel and NFTNYC. Tess is a remarkable individual with extraordinary skills and achievements. She is self-motivated, outgoing, team-oriented, and goal-driven with a passion for excellence.

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