Thomas Emmanual

Founder Yellow Heart

Thomas Emmanuel started simplistic programming at 8 years old and founded his first technology firm by age 18. At the start of .com’s in the late-90s he built with Executives of AOL Latino and Visteon. By 2003 he developed the first IP to bring barcodes to mobile phones for mobile ticketing and rolled out the first mobile ticketing platform in the U.S. In 2007 he expanded this into the Detroit Red Wings first iOS application which stayed in the top 10 chart in Sports for 5 Months along with in-stadium tech for fan engagement and digital collectables. Over the next decade he has delivered 100’s of projects across sports and entertainment, transportation, e-commerce and health care. He next began building with Blockchain in 2015 with a focus on tokenization. The first notable project rolling out in 2017 with a fan engagement app with tokenized European Footballers. His passion for progressing ticketing arose again with tickets-as-a-platform and built NFT ticketing company YellowHeart where many notable names partnered up for theirs first forays into Blockchain. From Kings of Leon,  Jerry Garcia and XXXTentacion’s estates, Maroon5, Les Claypol, along with running pilots with the likes of MGM Grand Las Vegas, BlueNote Jazz Club NYC, and countless others from UK, Eastern Europe, Asia, and Japan.

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