Travis Wright
Bad Crypto
► Travis Wright is innovative about solving marketing challenges. He hacks marketing and growth to increase revenue. And most importantly, he helps clients align sales and marketing to close more sales faster. ► Wright wrote the book with Wiley & Sons titled, Digital Sense, to help companies market more effectively in the 21st century. ► Travis Wright advises several blockchain projects. ► Wright works with company executives and tech leaders on digital transformation, marketing technologies, and social business best practices for digital marketing, social selling, account-based marketing & content advertising. ► While at Symantec, Travis demoed and worked with over 500-600 marketing technologies and now helps marketers and IT build their own ideal MarTech stack. ► Wright is the host of The Bad Crypto Podcast, a podcast dedicated to blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the future of digital payments. ►Travis has worked with hundreds of B2B & B2C companies, from well-funded start-ups and SMBs to Fortune 100. ► Travis has given over 160+ keynote presentations since 2012 and has spoken internationally in 18 countries in the past 18 months on Marketing Technology, Paid Search & Social Advertising, and Social Business. ► Over the past 20 years, Wright has created, co-developed, optimized, and led marketing initiatives, as well as manage the social media presence for 100s of companies, and build many teams, full of digital badasses.