Crypto Wendy O - Speaker at CoinAgenda Global 2023

Wendy O

Founder Crypto Wendy O

I became interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain in 2017. I quickly realized that blockchain technology had the potential to revolutionize, improve the quality of life for all classes, and transform the traditional finance industry. Prior to entering crypto, I worked in healthcare at the largest infectious disease company in the world. My role there consisted of working with newly diagnosed and existing patients to coordinate their care. I handled over 300 patients monthly from many cultures and all walks of life. I would later go on to play a key role in implementing a new CRM database and training system for conversion nationwide. I would close out my career at that company by integrating social media marketing in the department to obtain and retain new clients. Since the summer of 2018, I have been involved in the cryptocurrency space full time while finishing my degree in business and marketing. I began The O Show to document my own journey and have been fortunate to meet

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