Emin Henri Mahrt

Founder Cryptocurrency OÜ

Emin is a digital nomad based in Liechtenstein and born in Berlin, Germany, from a Turkish immigrant father Nuri Sezer who was a movie producer and a German-Austrian mother who worked as a social worker most of her life. He is running most of his businesses with his sister, Lale Mahrt, COO, Accountant and Finance Manager. Emin is an early adopter in the blockchain space, mining Bitcoin and investing in Ethereum in the early days. In 2016, Emin decided to focus 80% of his time toward Bitcoin and Blockchain development. Today he works in the Blockchain space as a technical engineering manager, product developer, investing consultant, and teacher. Emin is a serial entrepreneur. He launched and bootstrapped his own independent sociopolitical youth magazine, Proud, in Berlin, which hosted underground electronic music events for more than 100,000 people within 4 years, and printed over 650,000 copies during the same time. Proud magazine has been noted by the German Journalist Association multiple times.

Emin has been active in the tech industry, co-founding an IT-recruiting company called Missing Link, and launching the tech start-ups Dropspot — a location-based news application which was venture funded by Axel Springer SE (2012), and an ad-tech and mobile event ticketing application called Abend which received Series A funding and was sold in 2016 (2014). Emin currently runs a Blockchain IT Consulting and Accounting company CRYPTOCURRENCY OÜ in Estonia since 2017. Emin spent two years as COO/CPO for the æternity establishment, where he contributed to the development of the public permissionless aeternity Blockchain which became the first unicorn project in Liechtenstein reaching a market capitalization of more than one billion dollar. He remains a Member of the Board for the æternity crypto foundation, an independent Liechtenstein based non-profit organization focused on shaping the future of open-source blockchain technology for the greater good. Other projects Emin is working on: In 2021 Emin launched a jewelry fashion brand for masks called Two Eyes London. In his hometown Berlin, Emin has a real estate development project aimed to be finished in 2022.

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