Josh Berger

Co-Founder PKT Founding Community Member

Josh Berger was homeschooled and educated in the US and South Africa. He was raised with a spiritual family with the direction to evoke consciousness and change in the world. Josh has always been a serial entrepreneur who started his career at the age of 6 with radio commercials which evolved to film and TV. In 2002 he started a non-profit called Mozaic Creations and incorporated in 2007. With the mission to cultivate community through art, poetry and music. Using social media to build a massive collective of artists. In 2008 Josh worked with his brother Jesse Berger and Barry Levine to formulate Radical Studios as the director of digital media to create their digital footprint. Working on movies like Oblivion starring Tom Cruise & Morgan Freeman and Hercules starring Dwayne Johnson. In 2009 he formed Berger Bros. Entertainment, which is a comprehensive multi-media production company that focuses on making bar-setting films and TV. He produces, writes and directs everything from films/TV to music videos under this banner. Simultaneously in 2009 he started Interconnected Worldwide, which created grassroots social media campaigns for small businesses. The company then evolved into The Ecomm Dude in 2016, which provides web development and marketing for eCommerce brands to compete at the highest level of online sales. At the end of 2015, Josh co-founded SocialHouse, which is a peer-to-peer matching platform, that connects like-mined Millennials together as HouseMates, based on their interests, careers, and lifestyles. They are the one-stop shop for the Sharing Economy with on-going management, events/activities and a fin-tech payment platform. Josh and his brother Jesse started Pet Hemp Company, a pet CBD brand that formulates pet products with CBD for animals of all sizes. He is now a co-founder of PKT, The first bandwidth-hard blockchain that leverages you unused internet bandwidth - think solar for bandwidth. As well as Anode which is building the first VPN marketplace where you get VPN for free and only pay for speed. And PKT Pal, which sells a plug & Play devices focused on helping businesses share guest wifi using the secure and encrypted PKT Network.

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