Kevin Maloney President and Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Maloney

President and Chief Executive Officer iTrustCapital

As CEO at iTrustCapital, I work closely with the board of directors and our experienced executive team to define the vision, culture, and strategic direction of an award winning fintech software platform. Working in an extremely competitive and rapidly evolving cryptocurrency and regulatory environment, I led the company's recent fundraising efforts resulting in a $130M Series A equity round at a $1.3B valuation (Q1-2022). I also introduced and secured critical partnerships with highly regulated U.S. banking and trust institutions (aka "Qualified Custodians") and other institutional service providers to deliver a more simple, safe, secure, and highly differentiated product offering and client experience. Facing large incumbents and new competition head on, while navigating disruptive market challenges and avoiding unnecessary client risks, my team and I are transforming iTrustCapital into an efficient, scalable, and highly profitable digital IRA fintech platform. In response to the current economic climate, we took a very disciplined approach this last year and cut operational expenses by more than 60%, lowered CAC by 70%, and managed to nearly double the number client accounts on our platform. With nearly 45K client-funded accounts and $7B in transactions executed on platform since inception, achieving the level of success we’ve experienced at iTrustCapital over the last few years did not come easy. And we will not waiver from our lean, focused approach to delivering measurable value. I will continue to lead our efforts to diversify products and launch new services, while we work hard to mitigate business and client risk, and revolutionize the way in which the iTrustCapital team delivers an extraordinary client experience with trust, transparency, and integrity at the core of everything we do. Leveraging a strong national brand and reputation for quality client service - along with regulated institutional partners, proven business model, and the support of tens of thousands of loyal clients - our team is empowered to listen, learn, remove barriers, and develop customized and innovative solutions that meet specific client needs, helping them thrive beyond digital assets. Ultimately, it’s delivering these unique solutions through an innovative, secure, low-cost, service-driven fintech platform that matters most. So far, the positive responses we've received from our valuable clients, partners, and media, confirm the process is working. We will continue to innovate, persevere, and iterate quickly based on client and partner feedback.

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