Alana Mediavilla

Director & Produce Germinating Campo Libre

I started my business 12 years ago producing videos for companies in Silicon Valley. I was lucky enough to have started my film career in a time and place that really needed people that did what I did and it allowed me to get plenty of experience working with tech companies looking to communicate what they did in the simplest most beautiful way possible. Six years ago, Google recruited me to work as a video producer for them which fueled my growth as a leader and expert in the field. During my time there I worked with international teams and created content that was meant to take Google to its next billion users. This thought process changed my mentality from local to global. While I worked at Google I still ran my production company producing work for companies like Volvo, VW, Paypal, and more. Last year I quit my job at Google to focus fully on my career as a filmmaker. Ask me about the film I’m working on.

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