Arvin Khamseh

Founder Soldout NFTs

SoldOut NFTs - Leading the NFT Frontier Despite the challenges of a bear market, SoldOut NFTs stands out, successfully launching several collections at an average cost of around $13 per NFT. Our web3 marketing strategies have yielded an impressive 11-48X ROI, with a remarkable 81% success rate. Currently collaborating with a top-tier entertainment giant, our influence extends beyond NFTs. We lead the NFT track at the AIBC/Sigma Web 3 event, organize Upwork's official web3 community, and are sought-after speakers at Google and Stanford. Additionally, our insights feature in esteemed publications like Forbes Council, Cointelegraph, and Rolling Stone Circle. At SoldOut NFTs, we're not just a company; we're pioneers in the evolving digital landscape.

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