Christoph Ebell

Co-founder Arcades Digital

Christoph Ebell is an entrepreneur, science diplomat, technology consultant, and digital transformation strategist. He first studied physics, then humanities and graduated from Bern and Chicago. After a research stay in Cambridge, Mass., he worked for the Swiss government's innovation agency, then for the Swiss Interior, Economy, and Foreign Affairs Departments and was posted as a diplomat to head the S&T Section at the Swiss Embassy in Washington, D.C. In Switzerland, he served as the Executive Director of the Human Brain Project, a multidisciplinary European Union (1+billion EUR) project in computer-based brain research. In 2018 Christoph established a consulting firm for technology projects. He is the Secretary General of the European Association for Modular High-Performance Computing in Brussels. He also provides political advisory and international consultancy services. In 2020 he founded Arcades Digital, a company specializing in asset tokenization and certification, with a focus on Fine Art, Architecture, and Design, and bankable Digital Assets. He recently completed a certification as Certified Crypto Finance Expert (CCFE) in Zurich.

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