Dominic Williams will be speaking at CoinAgenda EMNA 2023

Dominic Williams

Founder & Chief Scientist DFINITY

Dominic Williams is an early adopter and innovator in the blockchain space. As an engineer and entrepreneur, he has been involved with blockchain technology since its early days. In 2017, he proposed the idea of a "Blockchain Nervous System" to enable decentralized governance of blockchain networks. This concept has evolved into the Network Nervous System that now secures community control of the Internet Computer blockchain.

Williams is a co-founder of DFINITY and has led the development of the Internet Computer blockchain over the past few years. There are now over 2,700 smart contract canisters deployed on the Internet Computer, demonstrating rapid adoption. Williams is particularly excited about the potential for GameFi - using blockchain technology and token incentives to create novel gaming experiences.

On the social media front, Williams has been an early user of distrikt. He sees great potential in using decentralized governance tokens to bootstrap new social media networks owned by their community. In the coming months, he plans to grant control of distrikt to a Service Nervous System that will let users collectively govern the platform. This aligns with his vision of empowering people through decentralization.

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