Irina Litchfield

Partner Percival Capital

Irina S. Litchfield is a Partner at Percival family office. She is president of Lumeria, a global investor network and IR firm. Irina is co-founder and Chairwoman of Space Interactions, space situational awareness company. She is senior advisor at SpaceFund, principal in SpaceFund Labs, advisor at ProChain Capital and founding advisor at ABE, a global securities exchange. Her FinTech journey began in 2005, when she co founded a payments/gaming company in Texas. Early to the blockchain space, she co founded a bitcoin exchange in 2013 and later built a retail bank. Passionate about innovation technology, positive social capital, democratization of space, and democratization of opportunities & investments, Irina often speaks as a subject matter expert. She is an organizer of ARRA global innovations summit, co-organizer of BitAngelsTexas and a columnist at CoinRivet.