Ken DiCross

Founder Airwire

Ken DiCross is a firm believer that what the next decades will bring is limited only by our ability to successfully execute our ideas at scale. Ken is the hands-on Co-Founder at AirWire., an innovative blockchain platform that enables secure, fast, and intuitive transfer of cryptocurrencies using social media and email. With expertise in blockchain, monetization of applications, and hospitality management, Ken is able to understand and execute complex business strategies and implement them with speed and exceptional quality. Prior to AirWire, Ken oversaw the profitability of 4 individual multi-million dollar restaurants in Los Angeles. He targeted restaurants that he deemed having major potential but, for many reasons, underperforming or failing, turning some from -28% to +1% YOY in only 60 days. Ken feels really proud that every business he has operated reached their highest profitability and performance. Passionate about technology and stock trading, Ken is the founder of, a progressive auction website for Crypto and Bullion products. In addition, Ken was voted Top 5 Trader in a forum of over 300 traders and in 2017, his account increased 376%.

Described by his peers as one of the most valuable players of their team, Ken is the personification of determination and excellence. When not in the office, you will find Ken enjoying his time with his wife and 2 newborns, traveling in a faraway country, at the gym, or playing golf. Bushnell holds several patents on some of the basic technologies for many of the early video games developed and is also the inventor or co-inventor of numerous worldwide patents in various other fields and industries. Over the years, Bushnell has received numerous awards of distinction, including being named ASI’s “Man of the Year” in 1997, as well as being inducted into the “Video Game Hall of Fame”. In January 2000, Bushnell became one of the first 50 inductees into the Consumer Electronics Association’s “Hall of Fame”, which gave public recognition to his significant contributions to 20th Century technology, and was named one of Newsweek’s “50 Men That Changed America”.

Bushnell is also highlighted as one of Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial icons in “The Revolutionaries”, a historical view of Silicon Valley, which is part of the renowned Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, California. In March of 2009 Bushnell was honored with the British Academy of Film and Television Arts’ Fellowship Award, the highest accolade the Academy bestows, for his outstanding creative contribution to the Video Games Industry. And in June 2010 he was awarded the LARA Lifetime Achievement Award, presented to him by the German Games Award for his outstanding achievements in the International Games Industry. Currently a biopic about Bushnell, tentatively titled “Atari”, is in pre-production. The property was acquired by Paramount Pictures and is set to star Leonardo diCaprio. Bushnell received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Utah, where he is a “Distinguished Fellow”, and also attended Stanford University Graduate School. With a passion for enhancing and improving the educational process and a desire to motivate others, Bushnell frequently lectures at major universities and conferences throughout the United States, inspiring others with his views on entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation and education.

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