Kkatia Zaitsev

Katia Zaitsev is a Tech Entrepreneur with a mission of bringing blockchain & web3 applications into the global mainstream. Katia was introduced to blockchain technology in 2016 with the notion of selling Intellectual Property via Smart Contracts (what NFTs are known to be today). She quickly understood the new age of technology innovation is coming that will change how we transact, monetize, communicate and interact. Going fulltime in web3 in 2020, Katia founded LEXIT alongside Amir Kaltak to bring Web3 adoption for Web2 businesses (Real Estate, Automotive, Space Exploration, Entertainment, Sports, Retail, Mental Health Wellness). Katia and her team designed 25+ Web3 Tokenization Models & GTM Strategies for Web2 businesses, brands, inventors, creators, artists, entertainers & more - Katia was named Top 10 Women in Web3 in 2022. Prior to blockchain, Katia spent most of her early life as a pro athlete, training 8 hours a day and representing Canada all over the world in Rhythmic Gymnastics competing in competitions like Pan American Games, Pacific Alliance and AEON Cup Worlds in Japan. Following her Athlete days, Katia then spent most of her career working in IT Consulting and was responsible for sourcing, engaging and managing B2B Fortune 500 Company Partnerships across Canada.

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