Nick Sullivan

Founder & CEO Heartrithm

Nick Sullivan is a heart-centered technology leader and the founder & CEO of HeartRithm, a crypto quant fund with a social impact mission. Nick has developed his career while supporting collaboration, creating passionate and fun work environments, and bringing together dynamic teams with a common goal of impact. The result has been 20+ years of engineering leadership, successful products launched at 7 companies, and $100MM+ worth of tech value generated. Driving technology development is what Nick does best, and he believes that is done by focusing on a culture of inspiration, love, emotional intelligence (EQ), and safety. Nick has a particular knack for finding and elevating strong, powerful women to their best calling and bringing feminine energy to the workplace. Combining these tools with an insatiable appetite for getting things done, Nick has created millions of dollars worth of value at multiple companies, including ChangeTip (sold to Airbnb in 2016), Krux (sold to SalesForce for $840MM), Wikia (created a product that tripled revenue), Good Money ($34MM Series A), and now HeartRithm (AUM in the top 10% of crypto quant funds). As a founder of these companies and an engineering leader and mentor to many others, he understands what it takes to build aspirational engineering cultures that attract the best talent. Nick accelerates the velocity of teams with sound decision making, excellence in software development, management practices, and cultural engineering to keep teams happy and motivated. Nick has correctly positioned himself early in burgeoning industries as they have become digitized, including the Internet (1993), Text Search (1999), Digital Media (2000), AdTech / Consumer Data (2010), and Bitcoin (2013). Now he is positioning himself as an expert in Artificial Intelligence, with a focus on Neuromorphic programming, trusting that humans still play an essential part in the ethical development of technology, ensuring that we maintain a peaceful coexistence with the machines and fulfilling part of Nick’s dharma/purpose, which is to help define the boundaries between humanity and technology. Nick focuses his personal time on biohacking, neurohacking, meditation, exploring spirituality, travel, and investing in the growth of those around him.

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