Piers Ridyard

CEO Radix

Piers Ridyard is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Radix, the first layer-one protocol for the DeFi industry. Piers leads the company’s mission to transform decentralized finance with secure, scalable solutions. He graduated from the University of Manchester and the UK’s University of Law. Early in his career, Piers worked at the JP Morgan bond desk before launching Nifty, a device that increases available memory in Mac OS computers. In 2012, Nifty became the highest-funded project on Kickstarter at the time and eventually hit $1 million in revenue. In 2015, he began focusing on Ethereum and the potential for smart contracts. He launched Surematics, a blockchain company serving the insurance industry, which was accepted to YCombinator in 2017 and acquired soon after. He joined Radix in late 2017 after meeting the company’s founder Dan Hughes. Piers is based in London.

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