Forbes top social media influencer Warren Whitlock, host of 'Distributed Conversations' and author of the first books\ on Twitter and mobile marketing, helps businesses rapidly grow by transforming their strategy to attract the right online audience, integrate public relations and lead generation, and focus on lifetime value and ROI instead of short-term gains.

Warren Whitlock

Host Distribute Conversations

Advisor to Blockchain, AI, Emerging Tech, and E-commerce companies. Keynote Speaker, IBM Futurist,, Influence Architect at TopLine Revenues. Digital Marketing & Growth Consultant, achieving real-world business goals from digital marketing. Host of Distributed Conversations Founder and CEO Stirling Corp. Publisher of, BestSellerAuthors, and other publications. Top 10 Social Media Influencer, Top 20 Blockchain influencer, Top 100 Tech Influencer, Top 50 Martech [email protected]

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